Monday, April 19, 2004


What will it take to get more than 50% of the dumbfounded
citizens of the US to disapprove of the CheneyBush autocracy?
As of today, Bush still had a 51% approval rating.

This after that press conference of belligerent nonresponsiveness.
Such arrogance. No WMDs and a revising of the reason we went to war daily;
how was his permission by Congress to wage war—mass murder, not fraudulently
obtained? Clark's book, Woodward's book, upheaval spreading throughout Iraq,
international condemnation. Not to mention the venal and destructive environmental
assaults, and theft of the US treasury perpetrated by CheneyBush et al, of which most
people seem unaware or not to mind.

Still, even with a 51% approval rating, the Autocrat Party is getting worried.

Today discussing Iraq in the US Senate, Utah hypocritian Senator Orrin Hatch, defender
of such scofflaws as Oliver North, Clarence Thomas, and veteran of so many battles to keep the
country a Christian Patriarchy, said:

"These young people [US soldiers in Iraq] are doing the Lord's work."
Substitute "Palestinians vowing 100 attacks" or "Osama's martyr's-in-waiting"
for "US soldiers in Iraq."

Then there was Bush's press conference declaration last Tuesday night, that he is doing
the Almighty's will.

Pretty scared and scary of them, playing the God card to rouse the large numbers of
believers in this intellectually primitive country. No matter to CheneyBush that such
pronouncements are the equivalent of pouring gasoline onto a raging fire.

After Woodward's claim that Bush and Bandar would rig the election by rigging oil
prices in September, will CheneyBush still try to play the gas card in the home stretch?

Monday, April 12, 2004

More Lessons from Bush U.

1 + 1 = 1

Today (April 12, 2004) Bush was having a little press conference with Hosni Mubarek,
President of Egypt, in Texas. (Bush called him his friend, Hosni.)

Bush referred to the Iraqi resistance to the U.S. Occupation as
a "few people" who are "willing to kill to stop progress."

If that is bad,
is it good to be willing to kill for progress
of one's own agenda?

If so, then we can see that the Iraqi "insurgents" (as the big talking heads call them)
are willing to kill to progress their own agenda, which is exactly what Bush
is doing.

An agenda which is evil to women, who must be under the control of men at all times
(wives will obey the loving commands of their husbands, said the big Baptist convention less
than a decade ago in the U S of A); and evil to the freedom of thought and action which
the Islamic "fundamentalists" like their brethren the Christian "fundamentalists"
(code for "zealous zombies") will stop at nothing to prevent. Patriot Act, Howard Stern's
sudden eviction from the airwaves after decades of disgusting shows, progressive narrowing
of women's right to control their reproductive functions.

Who knew that Bush and the terrorists were exactly on the same motivational page?

Killers killing killers.

Is it time yet to progress to compassion as the modus operandi of human interaction?

If Mel Gibson's movie doesn't move those who see it to horror at the brutality of human
being to human being, send them weeping into the arms of the anti-war movement,
then we really must call the game of religion over, and regard it as the mother of all
fantasy games, maybe the blood-thirstiest and most sex-obsessed creative group endeavor
ever devised by man.


Saturday, April 10, 2004

Danger Ahead

I hope the Democrats, Terry MacAuliffe, whoever, are preparing for a serious
onslaught of election tampering among other unimagineable-to-me tactics by
Republicans to keep hold of outright power.

Of course, these martinets are never really out of power,
just more out of sight.

Maybe we should elect them to office just to keep a better eye on them.

Although that wouldn't work either, since the only eye available to our citizenry
is a blind eye.


Friday, April 09, 2004

1 + 1 = 0


1. August 6, 2001—previously classified Presidential Daily Briefing:

"Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the United States"

1. September 11, 2001—four U.S. commercial airliners hijacked

U.S. Air Force response: "Huh?"


0. Bush administration of U.S. human and financial resources:

Incompetence at best, opportunistic treachery at worst.

(see http://www.adrienneleban.com - click on "Society Pages," then click "September 11, 2001"
posted on 9/14/2001)


Monday, April 05, 2004

Reality Strikes
Adrienne Leban

I hope my fellow Americans saw the hatred and defiance in the faces of the Iraqi men, jeering and chanting death threats into the lens of the world as their brothers were pummeling the burned dead bodies of U.S. hired guns who the Iraqis saw as armed and dangerous terrorists.

That sight made me see more what “our” leaders have led us into:

Terrorists Fighting Terrorists

I’m not calling “our guys” terrorists as an insult. From the point of view of the other side, “our guys” are terrorists, as much as an occupying army which is uninvited can legitimately be understood to be. The 150,000 U.S. and the relative sprinkling of other nation’s troops in Iraq are surrounded by a sea of tens of millions of hostile men. (Women, too, probably, though who knows? Women don’t matter there or here enough to have their views reported upon.) This Goliath of “coalition forces” is a sitting duck amidst millions of enraged Mohammeds who are becoming more explosive each day. If Western troops are to see that sea as the Goliath, and use their superior slingshots to slay the leviathon of “terrorists”—people who want to live in their own ways, undetermined by us—what will be the consequence?

Millions Must Die

Do American “voters” (i.e., the uninformed, rapturized inhabitants of Republican Christo-pop fiction) realize that military force cannot be dealt in “humanitarian” proportions? Already maybe 10,000 Iraqi people have been killed by the U.S. attack, but we only focus on the 600 American soldiers who have been killed on a mission to kill people who did nothing to harm America.

Are millions of Americans prepared to volunteer to die in the regions and surrounds of Iraq as perhaps the resident Muslims are? Because 150,000 troops can quickly look very inadequate as the hundreds become thousands become millions of righteously vengeful infidel killers.

Are the people of the United States ready to authorize the killing of millions of Muslims? Because if the mindset in force at present continues, that’s where we’re going.

In spite of this “preemptive” attack against a weak enemy far away, we in the “homeland” are also sitting ducks— on trains, buses, sidewalks, tunnels, bridges, in malls and movie theaters, restaurants, supermarkets, schools, hotels, apartment buildings, beaches.

Boss of the World

I do understand the Bush doctrine in a realpolitik sort of way: an American presence and installed government, personnel, and political structure, will convert those Muslims into a culture of consumers, a new mass of maker-buyer cyclists peddling what wares the obscenely wealthy corporate (i.e., Caucasian tribal) chieftains require them to endlessly make and buy.

Does one culture have the right to erase another?
Isn’t this a form of genocide? By drastically altering cultural practices cultural identity mutates into something else. Good, one might say, thinking of women with no rights, people without options.

Imagine that 150,000 militant Muslims suddenly popped up with weapons of mass destruction here in New York City, telling us they were here to liberate us from the oppressions of capitalist profligacy, from the evils of the anti-democratic coup d’etat of the BushCheney regime.

Hmmm. Allah under some misogynist mullah, or the corporate hitman Cheney ambushing us from behind a burning Bush….


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