Wednesday, May 19, 2004


What Are We !?!

I've heard clergymen frequently refer to Jesus as "God's Only Son."


If Jesus is God's ONLY SON,
who are we?

Aren't we God's children too?

If we're not God's, then how did we get here? Are we made by some Other Creator?
There's another Creator??

But if there's only One, then only He could've created us.
We have the same Father as Jesus.
So he's NOT God's Only Son.
If there's just One God,
then we are all his children.

And what kind of Father plays favorites?

Ok, so Jesus is one of our siblings. Brother Jesus.

Now if there's God, He/It made us, we are made of Him/It.
We are what we are made of.
We are each God.
Lots of Gods, no two identical.
As many unique Creators as People.

We are God.
We are Creators.
We are Artists.
We are Transmitters of ourself.

GCAT, AGCT, either way spells DNA.
Not GOD.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004


This is a Hold-Up.

We the People are the Witless Victims of Republican Armed Robbery
in which we take a real baath, softsoap in our eyes we blindly pay
for the guns pointed at us by way of the Middle East
in league with the Saudi Princes including bin Laden.

It was almost too good to be true for the Thieves-in-Chief who
have not only invaded Iraq, but run away with our country,
our freedoms to know, our fortune.

Take a look at a map.
[ http://mapmachine.nationalgeographic.com/mapmachine/viewandcustomize.
html?themeId=100&ext=38.794701,29.061661,48.560688,37.383675 ]
The US invasion of Iraq puts them in position to surround Iran,
with Saudi Arabia at their back;
and Afghanistan—
the HypoChristians' other big prize—
borders the other large border on Iran's east. We surround Iran,
glue together Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Israel, and Westernize
yet another outsource of cheap labor which,
like their brethren employee-gigantic-class here in the Homeland,
will never get even a sliver of a share of their own productivity,
just as we in the US haven't,
which makes the employers so massively rich.
What fantastic success in brainwashing — demonizing the originally
Christian concept of socialism!
Ah, the brain-scrambling efficiency of tv.

That sucking sound is the handful of owners sucking the life out of
that mass of human species,
We the Employees.

Don't wait for the Congress to stop the Grand Theft. Hardly anyone
was watching them...until the porn started pouring out of the Theatre of War,
a contemporary Molière could not have written it better.

People are gradually waking up to the wanton
arrogance, insensivity, lack of understanding, and
incompetence, at best, of BushCheneyRumsfeld and their
enablers, like Powell and the media coverage-up of on-the-offensive deceptors
like head rationalizer David Brooks (NY Times, that "liberal" rag) and sneering anti-apologist Paul Gigot (The Wall Street Journal, the "conservative" corporate pimp),
to the bottom-feeding Scaifes, Limbaughs, Scalias, etc.

Come to remember—it's been a stick-up since day one of the coup d'etat
of the BushCheney power grab by the military-industrial complex.
How far has come the Republican Party of President General Dwight D. Eisenhower.


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