Thursday, November 30, 2006



Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki has just shown George he's not a top priority.

Dr. Ahmadinejad thinks he's dancing on our graves.

They're working things out among themselves.

A high cost in martyrs, willing and unwilling, a brutish contest in the high heat
is no overstatement. Poor testosterone poisoned boys, band of brother beasts.

Watching the global humiliation of George W. Bush, the Pretender and Failed Son,
isn't as satisfying as I might have imagined.

Baker had to release his report quickly to counter frat-boy-fuck-up going around the Middle East talking about staying as long as it takes.

This public denuding is embarrasing—watching someone being abandoned by his nation, the loss of control of the Congress emboldens involved nations to assert their own interests over "ours" as Bush wanders ever more lost and alone.

AHA! Herr Karl has forgotten to teach George the new talking points (he makes do with only "foment" and "secular violence" to incant), or Karl has forgotten to write them.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

How Republican is the Media?

NOW the news media—mainstream and alternative mainstream—become super critical about ethics. The hatchett job on Nancy Pelosi has begun and promises to be in full swing by the time the new Congressional session begins.

In the short year we've nationally known John Murtha, we see that he's a blunt, bold, realist. Just after the Dems big win, we see him on a 27-year old video of the Abscam sting, turning down a bribe but keeping the door open for another day. Which never came.

Why is this even in the news?

The Press, spinning her smart action supporting Murtha's obviously doomed chance of becoming Majority Leader (she can certainly count) in order to send a clear signal that her top priority is getting the US out of Iraq quickly, has unanimously concluded that she blundered, miscalculated the always-unruly Dems, and is weakened in presiding over a split Party.

Not over her 100-hour agenda they're not. And why isn't the media covering the myriad aspects of that agenda? Let's have a daily discussion (not derision) of the issues and implications of raising the minimum wage, making college tuition tax deductible (unbelievable that it isn't already!), cutting student loan interest rates in half (they went up 50% last year under Republican supervision), stripping the mask off the insurance company robbers wreaking such havoc on the health of US citizens to begin the complete overhaul of our thinking about healthcare.

Next post will discuss our troops, as part of the ongoing mission of rethinking to which the unbrainwashed are committed.

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